It is native to Tunisia.


Quite vigorous tree with a spreading and erect growth habit, and long and very flexible branches. It has lanceolate, medium-sized leaves of a bright green on their upper surface, silvery on the lower one. Fruits are big-sized drupes, elliptic and with a pointy apex, of a bright green with small, white lenticels. They have a lot of pulp, considering the central stone, a characteristic that makes it ideal for table use and for many recipes.
This variety ripens early and is self-pollinating, so it needs pollinators for an excellent production. It is, in turn, a good pollinator itself, considering the quantity of pollen it produces.
This tree doesn’t need particular cares in soil matters (as long as it is placed in a well drained soil) or climate, since it can stand cold very well. It is also very resistant to scab and to bird’ s eye spot disease.