Trifoliate Orange (Citrus Trifoliata)


The Trifoliate Orange, which is native to Northern China, is the only deciduous citrus tree and is particularly resistant to cold. This species is reproducible by seed and is usually used as a rootstock, due to its bundled or fascicled root system, which tends to develop on the surface, thus making it ideal for pot growing. These roots also produce a dwarfing effect on domestic-grown species, which start producing better quality fruits more quickly.


This tree is medium-sized and spiny, and has an irregular, bushy growth habit. Its deciduous leaves are trifoliate –meaning they are formed by three small leaves, the middle one being more developed than the others. Its flowers are small-sized and single, its fruits small, globular, yellow when ripen and they taste bad.


Apart from being used for ornamental purposes, the Trifoliate Orange is used to make impenetrable hedges, thanks to its long spines and its abundant, well-developed branches.