Tilia Cordata


Tilia cordata, also known as Small-Leaved Lime, is a tree from the Tiliaceae family, native to Europe and Western Asia. It is a deciduous tree that can reach 25 meters in height, its trunk reaching a diameter of 1m. The leaves are quite small if compared to the type species, they are ovate, asymmetrical, and cordate, having the typical heart-shape; they are dark green on the upper surface while light green and blue-green on the lower surface, with some small tufts of reddish hair. The flowers are small and white-yellowish, and they are grouped in 5-11. They have quite an intense perfume.

This tree blooms from mid-June to mid-July. The fruits are alternate, globose buds that go from green to red. The tree’s bark is grey and brown when the tree is young, and it gets grey, with longitudinal superficial grooves, when the tree gets older.