Satsuma Mandarin

Satsuma Mandarin (Citrus Unshiu)


It likely originated in Japan, where it has been known for almost four centuries. It is in Italy since the XIX century.

The Satsuma Mandarin grows slowly, it is medium-small sized and has a spreading growth habit, sometimes drooping. Its deep green leaves are big, elliptic, with an acuminate apex. It blooms in Spring, with medium-small sized flowers, which can either be single or grow in bunches. Its fruits are medium-sized spheres with small hollows at its poles (oblate).


The fruits’ peel is orange, thin and easily removable from the pulp, which is very juicy and with no seeds. The Satsuma Mandarin’s fruits ripen early, around October-November, and their pulp ripens before the peel gets fully coloured. They can live on the tree for several months.


This tree has a good weather resistance.

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