Prunus Laurocerasus Novità (Cherry laurel Novità)


This variety was bred in Holland, by improving P. Laurocerasus var Caucasica. Prunus Laurocerasus Novita has oblong, leathery leaves of a bright glossy green. In May, in produces white flowers grouped in spikes that later become drupes – very popular among birds-, red at first and dark later on.

This tree adapts to all kinds of soils, although the best ones are those more fertile, neutral, alkaline, fresh and drained. It can stand well pruning, even invasive ones, and is therefore used for formal hedges. This specific variety is also rather resistant to diseases. It can stand well calcareous soils, but be careful because not all the cultivars of this family do: some of them might get their foliage affected by chlorosis. The substratum must be constantly humid, and we recommend avoiding soils with water stagnation or little skeleton.


It is highly resistant to low temperatures, it can occasionally be damaged in the crown, but itcan burst out again from the wood or the base.