Pittosporum Tobira


Pittosporum Tobira is native to Far East (China and Japan).

It is usually small-sized, due to containment pruning. If left to grow freely (and correctly) it can reach up to 6-8m in height and 4m in width! It is a suitable plant for cities, mainly because it can stand air pollution. Let’s now see in detail its main features.

Leaves are always located on the tip of the branches, they are alternate, oval, leathery, thick, glossy and dark green. They are narrow at the base and rounded at the apex. Pittosporum Tobira blooms from April to July, reaching its peak in June. Its flowers are white or cream yellow, and they are grouped in final ears of 5 to 8 cm in length. One can identify them with their intense smell that reminds of orange flowers. Its fruits (berries) are highly decorative, and have the shape of a subglobose capsule. They are 1cm big and when they open, one can see they contain red seeds.