Photinia Fraseri “Red Robin”


Photinia Fraseri is a big shrub belonging to the Rosaceae family. It has a shrubby, robust and erect growth habit. Its flowers are small, five-petalled, and grouped in big inflorescences. They bloom in late Spring. The leaves are evergreen, oval, leathery, dark green – bright crimson red when still young. The shrub can reach 5m or more in height and 5m in width. Photinia Fraseri is a garden hybrid, nowadays spread in many areas of Europe and the Mediterranean that are sunny and have a drained soil. It can stand moderate shade. It can grow in all types of soil of medium fertility and well drained. We recommend sheltering it in a place where it is protected from cold, dry Winter winds. Starting from small plants pre-grown in pot for at least one year, you can get 2m high shrubs after two years of open-field growing, 4-5m high shrubs (their maximum height) after four or five years.

Photinia Fraseri is a shrub popular for its decorative properties in springtime, and for its leaves, more than for its flowers.


It is resistant to frost, and can stand temperatures below -15 °C.