Lunario Lemon (Citrus Limon)


The Lunario Lemon is a peculiar lemon tree, because of its ability to bloom every new moon –this is why many people call it the “four-season lemon tree”. It is one of the most popular ornamental trees in the Citrus family, due to its ability to have flowers for almost all year round, if sheltered with cold temperatures and, most of all, wind. It is a vigorous and very productive tree that can well adapt to pot growing. It reaches high productivity when adult.


The Lunario Lemon’s flowers have a delicate perfume, they have internal white petals and external red-purplish petals. Its fruits are medium-sized, and their typical skin is deep yellow and thin. Their pulp is very juicy and has few seeds.


In case of long-lasting cold periods, we recommend to shelter the Lunario Lemon even with a simple old sheet, and to keep it protected from the wind by putting it near one of the house walls in case you can’t put it in a garage, or somewhere indoor, or near a boiler room.