Loropetalum Chinense “Fire Dance”


Evergreen rounded shrub with green and brown leaves that later become red-purple. It needs fresh and well-drained soil, and prefers full exposure to sunlight. Its flowers are slightly perfumed and of an intense pink. Loropetalum Chinense “Fire Dance” belongs to the family of Hamamelidaceae, and it blooms from April to October. It can reach a maximum height of 80-100 cm.

We recommend fertilizing it from March to November, with a fertilizer for flowering plants, either liquid or granular, at least once every 30 days.

If it is planted in the open ground, you’ll have to water it occasionally during the vegetative phase, roughly between April and October. If it is planted in a pot, it must be watered regularly from March to October. Every year, after flowering, you’ll have to remove dead branches and flowers (unless you want to get fruits). Slightly cut protuberant or weak sprouts, but avoid extreme cuts.