Lemon (Citrus Limon)


The Lemon is a fruit tree which originated in China and was imported by the ancient Romans. From its juice one can extract the typical “lemon juice” used both in cooking and in medicine: in fact, the lemon juice has had an important role in treating scurvy, an illness that mainly affected XIV century mariners. The Lemon tree can be grown in pot, although its dimensions do not reach those of Lemon trees that are cultivated in the fields –which can reach 4-5 m in height.


A feature of the Lemon tree concerns its leaves, which are alternate on the typically spiny branches. Fruits grow downwards and are yellow when ripen.

Lemon pot growing does not require specific agronomic knowledge; some few tricks are enough to grow a tree with renewed vigor and good fructification.


Lemon trees need much light in order to grow at their best, so we recommend exposing them to the sunlight for at least 6 hours a day, trying to protect them from the wind by putting them near an outside wall. This position also allows protecting them from cold and frost, simply by covering and protecting it with an old sheet, in case you do not have a greenhouse or a canopy at your disposal. Avoid sheltering it in heated or dry rooms.