Possibly native to Tuscany, Leccino is one of the cultivars most widespread in Italy, but its characteristics have made it popular abroad as well.


Its high resistance to the inclemency of the weather, its ability to adapt to different soils and its high-quality oil are all elements that determined Leccino’s success; however, it is quite sensitive to sooty mould. Medium-sized tree with spreading and quite dense foliage; branches have an upward tip. Good pollinator varieties for Leccino are Maremmano, Morchiaio, Piangente, Pendolino, Trillo, Maurino and Frantoio.
Inflorescences are quite short, with numerous, big-sized flowers. Abortion of the ovary rate is lower than 10%.
Ripening is early. Drupes often grow in bunches of 3-5, and they are not very resistant to detachment.


Productivity is quite constant. It has a medium oil yield (18-21%); the golden-yellow oil with green hues is a high-quality product, although some people do not find much aroma in it. Flavour is fresh, little fruity, slightly bitter and spicy. According to some, it has other scents as well, such as herbs (basil, mint), chicory, lettuce, artichoke, and almond.