Favolosa FS-17 is a vigorous tree with open growth habit native to Apulia.


Leaves are medium-sized. Fruits grow in bunches of 2 or 3 and are medium-sized. Each of them weights 2 or 3 g and they are slightly asymmetrical. When picked, drupes are black with purple hues. They are famous for their sensitivity to the inclemency of the weather (cold, mist, winds). They ripen quite early and simultaneously. Favolosa FS-17 starts blooming at the end of May-June and fruits are harvested between October and January.
This olive trees need a lot of sunlight in order to grow and they don’t bear shadow, not even for a few hours a day. If winter temperatures fall below 0 °C, they can be severely damaged. Best soil for their growth is a fresh one, rich in organic substances.
In order to plant it, you shall dig a hole of 20-30 cm in depth, with a 3-6 m distance between one olive tree and another. After having placed the tree, you shall press the ground as the earth is put in the hole to fill it, so you shall do this several times. Favolosa doesn’t need particular fertilizers, you can even put some manure at its feet.


Production is high and quite constant.