Itrana olives, also known as Gaeta, Trana, Oliva Grossa or Cicerone, is a cultivar native to and typical of the region of Lazio.


Itrano is a very vigorous and rustic plant that produces fruits of a unique flavour.
Inflorescences have a medium length and numberof olive-blossoms. A distinctive trait is their very late ripening, which takes place in March-April. It has been traded for years with the appellation of Oliva di Gaeta, a municipality with a port that was the main export port of this product. Initially, a major part of the production was provided by Itri, a town in the hills about 5 km from the sea, where the name Itrana of this cultivar comes from, but also by many other municipalities found on the maritime ridge of the Aurunci Mountains.
Being self-sterile, Itrana uses Leccino and Pendolino as pollinators. Its fruits are good for both table use or oil production.
In 2010, extra-virgin olive oil Colline Pontine, produced with Itrano olives harvested in the province of Latina, was given the PDO certification for agricultural and food products.
Otrano well-known olives, which have a typical rosy colour, are harvested at the end of November and then pickled; at this time, they are still green with dark spots, but since they are pickled, they get a uniform pink colour.


Oil, of a yellow-green colour, has an intense, fruity, slightly bitter and spicy flavour, with hints of green tomato and herbs. Medium oiliness (19%).