Horned Bitter Orange (Citrus Aurantium)


The Horned Bitter Orange has a moderate growth habit, compared to the classic Bitter Orange, so that it can well adapt to pot growing. Its foliage is of a beautiful deep green, its ivory flowers are sweet-scented and start to bloom in Spring. The feature to which this tree owes its name is the particular shape of its fruits: they are deep orange-coloured and round-shaped, with small hollows at its poles, its skin is slightly wrinkled and has bulges that resemble small horns.


The Horned Bitter Orange is not suitable to be eaten after being picked because of its bitterish flavour; still, it is sweeter than the classic Bitter Orange, and is used to make exceptional marmalades or candid fruits.


Like other trees from the Aurantium family, the Horned Bitter Orange tree has a good resistance to cold weather, but we recommend to carefully look after it and shelter it in case of extreme cold.