Native to Tuscany, Frantoio is one of the most evenly spread olive trees in the Italian peninsula and, being highly valued and well known, it is cultivated abroad as well.


Quite vigorous, medium-sized tree with spreading and quite dense foliage. Main branches are knotty, while fruit-bearing branches are thin and long and have an upward tip. It can adapt well to different soils. Good pollinator varieties for Frantoio are Americano, Mignolo, Morchiaio, Moraiolo, Rosciola, Leccino, Maurino and Pendolino. Inflorescences are quite long, with numerous, medium-sized flowers. Abortion of the ovary rate is lower than 10%.
Fructification is high and constant, while veraison is late and gradual; ripening is gradual and late. They are quite resistant to detachment. Best time for harvesting is around mid-November. Olives are not suitable for table-use.


It has an early starting age of fructification and has a high and constant productivity. Oil yield is good (20-22%). The latter is dark green with golden hues, and the quality is high: fine, aromatic, savoury, fruity, with hints of spicy and bitter. According to some, it has other scents as well, such as fresh grass, green apple, artichoke, sweet marjoram, rosemary, lettuce, celery and almond.