Cortina, native to Corato town, is a cultivar typical of Apulia and cultivated in the whole countryside of the Nord Barese.


Medium-sized tree, quite vigorous, it can well adapt to different soils (even calcareous or stony), partly because it has a good rooting ability. However, the best environment where to grow a Coratina is a fertile and well-watered hill. It has a spreading foliage. Being quite resistant to every disease (even to Verticillium dahlia), it can well adapt to organic farming. Olive-blossoms typically grow in bunches; the abortion of the ovary rate is quite low (10-15%). Fruit-bearing branches are short and thin.


It has an early starting age of fructification; productivity is good but sometimes biennial. Picking is late (from November to January). Oil yield is high (20-25%). The oil produced trhough the pressing of these olives is usually rich in polyphenols, with low levels of peroxide and extremey low levels of acidity (less than 0.2%). It is a green-yellow oil with an intense and fruity flavour, slightly bitter and typically spicy, due to its high concentration of polyphenols (around 560 mg/kg).