Citrus Bizzarria


This tree is a periclinal chimera, which means it has longitudinal wrinkles on its fruits. The peculiarity of this tree is that it can produce three different types of fruits at once: the Bitter Orange, the Florentine Citrus, and a third variety that melds the qualities of both fruits. These fruits are quite big and warty, and they have longitudinal stripes that vary in colour, from green, to yellow, to orange.


In terms of food, the Citrus Bizzarria is widely used to make marmalades and candied fruits, in order to take advantage of its distinguishing feature, the dual production of both Bitter Oranges and Florentine Citrus. The resulting combination of sour taste (typical of lemons) and bitter taste (typical of the Aurantium family) does not spoil the overall taste of the marmalade.


This tree has a good resistance to cold weather, but we recommend to shelter it in case of long-lasting low temperatures.