Cipressino (Olea europaea “Cipressino”) is a cultivar that grows in Italy and is often used as a windbreak, so it is also called windbreak.


It started spreading in 1960s in the area of Pietrafitta di Palagiano, in Apulia, to which it owes another name: Olivo di Pietrafitta. Nowadays it is used for its fruits, more than for its windbreak function, and is cultivated in Sardinia as well. It has a dense foliage and an erect growth habit, which, together with its rapid growth, makes it ideal for narrow spacing, peculiar fruit tree forms, like large hedges, or for mechanical harvesting. It has a good resistance to salty winds. Inflorescences have a medium length and number of olive-blossoms, but this tree has a high rate of abortion of the ovary (50-60%). Olives ripen gradually (November-December) and they are resistant to olive fruit fly’s attacks.


Good and constant productivity. Oil yield is 15-17%. Oil, of a golden-yellow with light-green hues, has a fruity flavour, savoury and a bit spicy.