Canino is a variety native to Lazio extreme-north, especially to the municipalities of Canino, Ischia di Castro, Farnese, Tessennano. It is spread in the area of Alto Viterbese, a particular part of Lazio that is distinguished by tuffaceous soils, usually acidulous, with winter falls and hot and dry summers.


Being self-incompatible, it needs the support of other varieties, usually the Leccino, Pendolino and Frantoio. Inflorescences have a medium length and a low rate of abortion of the ovary (20-25%). It has a high productivity but also an alternate bearing. Drupes are or of a small size (sometimes they don’t even weight 1g), they ripen late and gradually and never have a complete veraison. They are quite resistant to detachment.


It has a medium yield (16%), which can reach up to 20%. You can get a valuable PDO oil, very perfumed and of an intense green, particularly rich in polyphenols.