Callistemon’s stems are straight, highly branched, rigid and dark. Its small dark green leaves are lanceolate, rigid and leathery, while the new leaves that grow in Spring are of a bronze or reddish colour. Starting from late Spring and up to September, on the tips of the branches long bottlebrush flowers bloom, made of small flowers with showy colourful stamens.

The inflorescence looks like a feather duster or a bottlebrush, usually red, although one can find cultivars with white, green, yellow or crimson flowers. This ornamental plant is usually used alone, also with an umbrella shape. Pruning must be carried out only if you have to remove dead or damaged branches. Callistemon loves sunny positions, but can perfectly develop in mid-shade positions as well.


They can stand short periods with temperatures slightly below 0 °C, but they can’t stand severe frost. In case of severe Winters areas, we suggest to shelter this plant and protect it from wind and cold, or to grow it in pot and shelter it from November to February.

It recommend to put it in fresh soil, rich in organic substance, well drained and a bit acid. If you grow it in pot, you will have to repot it every two years, at the beginning of Spring.