Calamondin (Citrus Microcarpa)


The Calamondin comes from China. It became widespread in the Philippines and in Indonesia, and was imported to Italy only in 1950s.

It is a rather vigorous tree, with a rounded and dense growth habit and small, oval leaves. According to many botanists, it is likely a hybrid between the Kumuqat and the Mandarin Orange.

Its flowers are white and small, and they have a delicate, intense perfume. It can bloom from Spring to late Autumn. Its fruits are small and round, they have a sweet, thin, intense-orange peel and a sour pulp with few seeds.


Its fruits can stay on the tree for a long time, even after having ripened, and the Calamondin is also resistant to dry heat. These features make a good ornamental plant out of it.

In Vietnam, the Calamondin is given away as a symbol of prosperity during important holidays.


It is highly resistant to cold.