Pre-Bonsai Olive Trees


A bonsai is a small tree that is intentionally kept small thanks to specific techniques (e.g. pruning, root pruning) carried out as the tree grows, until it reaches the desired size.

Bonsai” is how the kanji symbols 盆栽 sound in Japanese: the first, bon, means “container”, and the second, sai, means “to plant”. Growing a bonsai is an art: it was born in China in the VI century and was then spread and modified in Japan.

We make pre-bonsai olive trees out of plants of 2 years old or more, which are pruned until they reach the desired size and shape. After one year in the nursery, they are put in a pot and pruning continues in order to make the tree grow well. The pre-bonsai olive trees are ready after 4 years. Their shape can be kept or modified, according to one’s preferences and needs.