Arbequina is a very resistant tree, very productive as well and living to a ripe old age: these features make it perfect to be used in super-intensive olive growing, a type of cultivation to which Arbequina has adapted very well since its very first trials.


Arbequina olive trees are self-pollinating and have an early starting age of fructification, keeping a high and constant productivity. They also have an excellent rooting ability. They are resistant to diseases that often spread among olive trees, such as tuberculosis, leaf maculation or Verticillum wilt, all of which can harm them only a little. Concerning its fruits, Arbequina olives are highly resistant to low temperatures.


Arbequina olives produce an oil of a very highquality. It is a well-proportioned, sweet, delicate and fragrant extra-virgin oil; its quite fruity flavour has low levels of bitterness or spiciness. It can be sold both as a monocultivar oil or as a blend with other oils that rise its steadiness.