French variety, spread more or less in every olive-growing region of the country.


Quite vigorous tree, it has a spreading and dense growth habit.
This is a rustic variety, very resistant to low temperatures and to draught. It is also resistant to Verticillum wilt, it has a medium resistance to bird’s eye spot disease, but it is sensitive to the scale insect.
The Aglandau is a self-fertile variety, but if crossed with the Picholine cultivar its productivity will rise.
It has an average starting age of fructification and an average productivity. It is subject to biennial bearing, which, however, can be monitored with adequate pruning.
Its drupes have a medium weight and an elliptic form, slightly asymmetrical, with a rounded apex and a truncate base.


Oil yield is medium-high (19-24%), long-life and of an excellent quality. Alglandau’s fruits have a medium oil content. Clingstone variety.